Testosterone Gel - Tostran 2% Gel

Tostran is aimed at men over 40 who suffer from hypogonadism that causes baldness, weight gain, irritability, reduced libido and erectile dysfunction.
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Form Cream
Unit 60 g
Strength/mL 20mg/g
Substance Testosterone

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Tostran 2% Gel General Informaiton

Tostran is aimed at men over 40 who suffer from hypogonadism - a condition that causes baldness, weight gain, lethargy, irritability, reduced libido and erectile dysfunction. As men grow older they produce less testosterone, the hormone associated with male libido and sexual function, as well as muscle mass and strength, and bone density.

Because testosterone is broken down by the stomach, it cannot be delivered through pills. Tostran contains two per cent synthetic testosterone, which is absorbed through the skin. The colourless gel is applied to the shoulders, upper arms or abdomen. The testosterone is released slowly into the bloodstream and normal hormone levels are restored in most men within several hours.

Other gels on the market, such as Testogel and Testim, contain only one per cent testosterone. Alternatives include regular injections or implants.

Instructions for use of Testosterone 2% Gel - Tostran Gel by ProStrakan

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